[blackcat] L5 ALGOLD: Odklenjeno obvladovanje trendov

The "[blackcat] L5 Alchemy Gold (ALGOLD)" is a comprehensive trend-following indicator for trading. It combines volume and price data to create a MACD-like oscillator with reduced lag. The indicator includes adaptive and volatility filters, an ALMA for further filtering, and a divergence detector. It offers customizable settings and visual effects, such as color changes and shapes. ALGOLD provides entry and exit signals based on crossovers of fast and slow lines. It is a versatile tool for traders of all levels, helping decode market trends and tailor trading strategies.

Delitev znanja in sodelovanje! Klub Črni maček vas vabi, da skupaj dosegamo uspeh

Klub Črni maček vabi ljubitelje trgovanja, ki želijo doseči uspeh. Članstvo v klubu prinaša privilegije in ugodnosti, vključno z uporabo naprednih indikatorjev in popusti na provizije. Obstajajo tri ravni članstva, odvisno od obsega trgovanja. Klub Črni maček je strastna in inovativna trgovaška skupnost, ki zagotavlja podporo in rast posameznikov. Pridružite se klubu in uživajte v ekskluzivnih ugodnostih.

This cat is an esteemed coding influencer on TradingView, commanding an audience of over 8,000 followers. This cat is proficient in developing quantitative trading algorithms across a diverse range of programming languages, a skill that has garnered widespread acclaim. Consistently, this cat shares invaluable trading strategies and coding insights. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a veteran in the field, you can derive an abundance of valuable information and inspiration from this blog.
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