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How do I find blackcat1402 indicators in TradingView?

There are two methods to find the available blackcat1402 indicators in TradingView.
The first method is to open TradingView Supercharts and click on the Indicators button on the top panel of the chart. This will open a window where you can search for indicators. To find blackcat1402 indicators, simply type "blackcat" as the keyword. All indicators starting with "[blackcat]" will appear. If you are looking for the backtest framework, you can search for "Sextan".
The second way is to find the blackcat1402 user page and search for keywords there.

Is there a free trial for L4/L5 indicators?

blackcat1402 offers a 7-day free trial upon request via TradingView Chat. Additionally, blackcat1402 has published over 300 free custom indicators that you can try on TradingView to see how they work.

Are L4/L5 indicators beginner-friendly?

You don't need much experience to understand blackcat1402 L4/L5 indicators, and we have a helpful community of users and full tutorials to assist you in learning.
However, it's important to note that trading is inherently risky and requires time to learn, regardless of the indicators used on your charts. If you are new to the markets, we recommend starting with paper-trading and studying risk management until you become familiar with how everything works.

How can I access L4/L5 indicators?

  1. Generally, L1~L3 indicators from [blackcat] are open-source and free to use, comprising over 90% of all blackcat1402 indicators. Only a small number of indicators require a subscription and are not freely available.
  1. To request access, you can contact blackcat1402 through TradingView chat (the quickest way to reach them) or other social media platforms. Typically, blackcat1402 provides a one-week free trial for the indicators you are interested in. After the trial period, you can decide whether to subscribe. The subscription price should be agreed upon in advance with blackcat1402. The monthly subscription fee for the blackcat series L4 and L5 indicators is typically $5, and the yearly subscription fee is $50 with a discount.
  1. Once you have purchased a subscription, you need to confirm your payment with blackcat1402, and they will grant you immediate full access.
  1. If you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact blackcat1402 through TradingView chat (the fastest way to resolve any issues) with your TradingView username.

Why don't I have access after payment, and why am I getting a "Study_not_auth" error?

Please ensure that the username you used to connect your TradingView account is correct. If it is, you may need to address an old bug in TradingView's invite-only scripts. If you see a red exclamation mark on the chart with the description "Authorization error," try logging off your TradingView account and logging back in. Then, add the granted L4/L5 indicators again. This should resolve the issue. Despite submitting tickets to the TradingView team multiple times in the past years, this bug has not been resolved yet.

What markets & timeframes does L4/L5 indicators work with?

blackcat1402 L4/L5 indicators work on any market internationally, including stocks, indices, forex, futures, and commodities. They can be used on all timeframes, such as 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W, etc. Our tools are suitable for scalping, swing trading, and even trading options. However, it is recommended to use timeframes greater than or equal to 15m, and preferred to use timeframes greater than or equal to 1H. It's important to note that there is no "best timeframe" as it depends on current market conditions, your trading style, and other factors. Indicators are tools, but ultimately, the key to success lies in the skills and psychological qualities of the trader. Therefore, improving one's trading skills and mindset is the most essential factor for competitiveness.

Do blackcat1402 indicators repaint?

The signals within L4/L5 indicators do not repaint. They appear in real-time and are confirmed and permanent on the chart once the candle it was generated on has closed.
Repainting refers to the situation where past results of an indicator or signal change based on future data. Some indicators across L1~L3 indicators may exhibit this behavior for valid and useful purposes. If you are unsure, please ask blackcat1402 on TradingView Chat.

How to set up the frequency parameter in the alert() function?

When using blackcat1402 indicators, any entry signal is only confirmed once the candle is closed. This means that an alert used for long entry, short entry, or re-entry can be set as "Once per bar close", but it is not confirmed until the current candle is closed and the next candle has started.
Trading bots based on indicators will never notify you of any signal until the candle has closed and it has been confirmed. If you're adding alerts for blackcat1402 indicator signals in TradingView, make sure to select "Once per bar close" for entry signals.
On the other hand, for closing or exiting the current position, it is recommended to use "Once Per bar" as the alert() setting with a market price. This ensures that your position can be closed in a timely manner.

Do I need to upgrade TradingView to use blackcat1402 L4/L5 indicators?

No, you don't need to upgrade TradingView. The blackcat1402 L4/L5 indicators work with 100% functionality on the basic plan of TradingView (free). You can sign up for free here. TradingView's referral link from me:

Can I automate my trades with blackcat1402 indicators?

L4/L5 indicators are not suitable for automated trading. However, blackcat1402 has specifically designed the "Gun & Bullet" indicators as a comprehensive suite of tools for automated trading. These indicators can be directly connected to OKX, Binance, and Bybit exchanges for Cryptocurrency perpetual swap trading, without the need for any relays. While it is possible to use third-party platforms and webhooks to create automated strategies with the "Gun & Bullet" indicators, blackcat1402 does not generally recommend it. They believe that indicators are best utilized as supportive tools for decision making.

Can I use blackcat1402 indicators for trading on MetaTrader or other platforms?

Currently, blackcat1402 indicators are only compatible with TradingView. You can use these indicators to trade in real-time on any platform based on the charts provided by TradingView. If you have a third-party interface and would like to share its specifications, a customized indicator service may be available. Please note that this service is not free and payment is required upon request and efforts made.

How are the paid indicators better than the free blackcat1402 indicators?

The blackcat1402 advanced indicators, such as L4/L5, have been well-developed over the years. They offer deeper customization and verification, more unique features, and have been specifically designed based on years of feedback to provide comprehensive toolkits for your charts. These technical indicators are the result of continuous evolution and improvement by blackcat1402. Compared to the free technical indicators, they are more mature and reliable. Furthermore, these advanced indicators are actively maintained, and blackcat1402 will continue to improve them based on encountered problems. On the other hand, free technical indicators usually do not receive ongoing upgrades.

Why am I getting an "Internal Server Study" error?

This error typically occurs when Tradingview is unable to handle script loads during periods of high traffic. It can happen when a large number of features are enabled. To potentially resolve the issue, you can try changing settings within the indicators or hiding/unhiding them, which will trigger a recalculation of the script.

Why am I getting the "Memory limits exceeded. The study allocates ??? times more than allowed" error?

This error typically occurs when a TradingView study exceeds the memory limit set by TradingView. It cannot be directly prevented and is usually encountered when using timeframes below 1 minute. blackcat1402 recommends that users stick with minute and higher timeframes to avoid potential errors with our premium toolkits.



第一种方法是打开TradingView Supercharts,并点击图表顶部面板上的“指标”按钮。这将打开一个窗口,您可以在其中搜索指标。要查找blackcat1402指标,只需将“blackcat”作为关键字输入。以“[blackcat]”开头的所有指标都会显示出来。如果您正在寻找回测框架,可以搜索“Sextan”。






  1. 一般来说,[黑猫]的L1~L3指标是开源和免费使用的,占据了所有黑猫1402指标的90%以上。只有少数指标需要订阅才能使用,并且不对外提供免费访问。
  1. 如果您需要访问这些指标,可以通过TradingView聊天(最快的联系方式)或其他社交媒体平台与黑猫1402联系,并请求访问权限。通常情况下,黑猫1402会提供一个为期一周的免费试用期,供您了解感兴趣的指标。试用期结束后,您可以决定是否订阅。订阅费用需事先与黑猫1402协商确定。黑猫系列L4和L5指标的月度订阅费通常为5美元,年度订阅费为50美元,享有折扣。
  1. 购买订阅后,您需要与黑猫1402确认付款,他们将立即授予您完全访问权限。
  1. 如果遇到任何困难,您随时可以通过TradingView聊天(最快解决问题的方式)与黑猫1402联系,并提供您的TradingView用户名。




blackcat1402 L4/L5指标适用于国际上的任何市场,包括股票、指数、外汇、期货和大宗商品。它们可以应用于所有时间框架,如1分钟、5分钟、30分钟、1小时、4小时、1天、1周等等。我们的工具适用于剥头皮交易、波段交易,甚至期权交易。然而,建议使用大于等于15分钟的时间框架,并且最好使用大于等于1小时的时间框架。需要注意的是,没有所谓的“最佳时间框架”,因为它取决于当前的市场情况、您的交易风格和其他因素。指标只是工具,成功的关键在于交易者的技能和心理素质。因此,提升自己的交易技能和心态是竞争力最重要的因素。




基于指标的交易机器人永远不会在蜡烛图收盘并且确认之前通知您任何信号。如果您在TradingView中为blackcat1402指标信号添加警报,请确保对于入场信号选择"Once per bar close""。
另一方面,对于关闭或退出当前仓位,建议将alert()设置为"Once per bar"并使用市场价格。这可以确保您的仓位能够及时平仓。

我需要升级TradingView才能使用blackcat1402 L4/L5指标吗?

不需要,您无需升级TradingView。blackcat1402 L4/L5指标在TradingView的基本计划(免费版)上可以百分之百正常使用。您可以在此免费注册。这是我提供的TradingView的推荐链接:


L4/L5指标不适合自动化交易。然而,blackcat1402专门设计了“Gun & Bullet”指标作为一套综合的自动化交易工具。这些指标可以直接连接到OKX、Binance和Bybit交易所进行加密货币永续合约交易,无需任何中继。虽然可以使用第三方平台和Webhook来创建与“Gun & Bullet”指标相关的自动化策略,但blackcat1402通常不推荐这样做。他们认为指标最好用作辅助决策工具。








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